April 2, 2017

In it we find a summary of most of Jesus’ ministry. We see his very human nature as he is moved by Martha and Mary’s sorrows and as he himself weeps at the tomb of Lazarus. He is the wisdom of God’s Word made flesh as he explains to his followers that the death of Lazarus will serve as a sign of the glory of God. He crowns the miracles he works in John’s Gospel (which began with the most “human” miracle of making new wine at Cana’s wedding) by raising Lazarus from the dead—a “preview,” if you will, of his own death and resurrection to come. This portrait of Jesus reminds us, as we near the end of our Lenten journey, that he is with us, knows us, understands us in every moment of our lives. He knows the joy of our human feasting, he knows the sorrow of our weeping. As we prepare to walk with him through the days of Holy Week, we are filled with faith that—through Christ—God’s glory will be with us in every moment of our lives and—with Christ—in our life everlasting.


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