February 16, 2014

Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Our readings this week are all about choices.  We are faced with decisions every day, choices that can lead us closer to God or further away.  Sometimes choices are black and white, they are clearly either good or bad; but most choices are not so obvious.  The question we must constantly ask ourselves when faced with a choice is which is the better good?  This is a question each person must answer for him or herself for we do not know what truly lies in the heart.


What we do know is that God created us to love Him and He created us with free will.  Our free will is designed so that we can choose to love Him.  Jesus teaches us that it is not enough to harbor anger toward someone but to choose not to act on it, we must try to let go of the anger.  If we hold onto anger, lust, or contempt, we are sinning in our hearts.  These things will slowly poison us from within. 


There is an old saying which says, you cannot stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop them from building a nest in your hair.  We will have thoughts that tempt us to be angry or to desire another, but we must dismiss those thoughts as soon as they come, like a bird flying overhead.  Let such thoughts fly away as soon as you think them and do not allow them to build nests.  With every decision you make, ask yourself, is this choice going to lead me closer to God or away from Him?  May we all walk towards God and, through our journey, lead others closer to Him as well!  




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