January 26, 2014

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

In our Second Reading, we read Paul’s exhortation to the people of Corinth.  These Christians had become divided, the people no longer identified themselves as followers of Christ, but they claimed to be followers of Apollos, Cephas or Paul.  Their affiliation depended upon who evangelized them or who shared with them the message of the Gospel in the most compelling manner.  If we look at this message, can we not see the same tendency in our community today?  We say that we belong to Our Lady of Guadalupe, to St. Joseph’s or to St. Elizabeth’s.  In reality, we belong to none but Christ.

Blessed Pope John Paul II, who will be canonized a Saint later this year, wrote an encyclical letter on Christian Unity, called in Latin, Ut Unim Sint, in which he said: "the Church is not a reality closed in on herself…for she is sent to the world to announce and witness, to make present and spread the mystery of communion which is essential to her, and to gather all people and all things into Christ, so as to be for all an 'inseparable sacrament of unity.'”

As Church, we are called to be a visible sign of Christian Unity.  How can we do this if we are fighting with each other?  How can we accomplish this if we are fighting within our own house?  We must be different from the rest of the world; we must show the world what it means to love—what it means to be Christian.  I would like to invite everyone to reflect on this crucial message of love and unity, not just between the Parishioners or OLG or the Catholic Christians of Alice, TX or even the Diocese of Corpus, but all Christians in the world.  May we all be one as God is one.



Fr. Julian cordially invites all members of the ACTS community to a town hall meeting on Wednesday, January 29, beginning with Mass at 6pm.


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