January 28, 2018

In Mark's Gospel, we see Jesus teaching and healing as a true prophet, one filled with the authority of God's own voice. The whole history of our church is filled with both true and false prophets. Some false prophets were extremely popular and quite well-versed in scripture, and even held positions of authority. But in today's Gospel we learn that Jesus' fame spread because he taught with authority; he wasn't an authority because he was popular or famous. Elsewhere, we also learn from him, in his desert temptation confrontations with Satan, that anyone can quote scripture, even against God's purposes. Today we hear that his authority was not like that of the scribes, who held the official positions of religious authority in his day. Our work is to do our best to discern the true prophets in our midst, and to be true prophets as well. The psalmist tells us how to do this: by not hardening our hearts when God speaks. If we truly listen to God, it will be God's very words filling our mouths.


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