July 2, 2017

An embarrassment of riches? Not if we take Jesus' words about "welcome" to heart. The many challenges and blessings offered to us today by Elisha, Paul, and Jesus should be cause for rejoicing, and welcomed heartily into our lives. And, like the great treat that they are, they should be enjoyed and shared generously with others.

            Today's reading from Romans was chosen very early in the liturgical life of the Church to be the sole apostolic instruction received by candidates for baptism at the Easter Vigil. This illustrates its importance as a core belief, and as a means of comprehending the story of the Resurrection. Christ's resurrection is not merely a story about something that he underwent once upon a time, but it is our story, the story of how we joined the other members of the one Body of Christ, the church. We were not only dead, but we were buried; not ultimately buried, but raised to eternal life with Christ.


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