July 5, 2015

Jesus, in turn, is amazed that they have no faith in him because they know his origins, not because of any fault with his teaching or ministry. As with many of Mark’s passages, we get a rather intimate glimpse here of the human part of Jesus’ two‑fold nature. To reinforce his point, Mark tells of Jesus’ return to his native place, and further points out that he is in the midst of his own family members there. From the very people he expected the most, Jesus received the least. In the day of the Gospel’s writing, Mark was attempting to illustrate a lesson to the house of Israel: the God of the covenant expected the greatest faith from the house of Israel, but often received the least. This is a good source for reflection on our part, we who are Jesus’ followers today. For the wisdom of Christ to continue and for our lives to be seen as signs of his power, he must expect and be able to find great faith among us. Will he? Can he? Does he? Or is he, once again, amazed by its absence?


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