June 14, 2015

So in the second paraable of today’s Gospel, Jesus encourages us by promising that, as fragile seeds grow into an abundant harvest, and the tiny mustard seed into a hearty plant, so God will grow the kingdom from small beginnings to an instrument of salvation for all. In the first parable, the land yields fruit “of its own accord” (Mark 4:28). Not only is the initiative God’s, but the parable teaches that the seed’s growth, though invisible at first, is actually unstoppable! To be sure, those who depend on the impressive or dramatic in order to be convinced or encouraged will be disappointed in the slow unfolding of the kingdom that Jesus announces. But for those who do accept the kingdom, all is grace, and that grace is certain.

Though the second reading is not coordinated with either the first reading or Gospel on these Sundays, today’s is thematically appropriate. Saint Paul argues that our experience of God’s trustworthiness thus far should make us a people of undaunted courage and unshakeable faith. But at the same time Paul warns that faith should also make us aware of our responsibility to do good.


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