March 12, 2017

By standing still.” This exchange very well could have happened between Peter and Jesus, had Peter been allowed to erect tents to stay on the mount of the Transfiguration. He nearly succumbed to the temptation to stay in a place of wonder and light. But Jesus knew the hard truth: we are on a continual journey when we are walking the paths of God’s will. It is not good for us to stay in one place on our faith journey. Equally unhealthy is staying put in times of joy and wonder to avoid life’s difficulties, or to wallow in our trials and temptations and fail to be companions for our sisters and brothers who are also suffering—or celebrating! The pilgrim Church is required to do one thing on its Lenten journey: to walk continually with Christ as his Body born of water and the Spirit, seeking God’s will, helping the reign of God to be known on earth, being led to the end of our journey, transfigured for all time into the company of heaven.


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