March 30, 2014

4th Sunday of Lent: Jesus heals a man born blind

Jesus heals a man born blind.  This is one of the signs in the Gospel of John, in this sign, or miracle, we see that the man born blind gains physical sight while the Pharisees, who have physical sight, are revealed to be spiritually blind.  For those who have had a personal encounter with Jesus can attest to this as their eyes have been opened to see an invisible reality, God’s works on earth.  However, for those who do not believe, they are blind to God’s work.  This is why St. Thomas Aquinas said, “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary and to one without, no explanation is possible.”

It is precisely because Jesus included humanity in His mission on earth that we are able to continue to have light in this world, to continue to see Him in the world.  As Romans 10:13-15 reminds us, we cannot believe in someone if we have not heard of him and we cannot hear of him unless someone preaches about him and one cannot preach unless that person has been sent.  Jesus Christ initiated a chain reaction by sending His apostles into the world to preach the Good News.  This mission has been preserved through apostolic succession, passed on from bishop to bishop throughout the ages.

Today, we are still living the Christian Mission, to preach the Good News.  We are still being sent on mission and we are still calling our brothers and sisters to the light, which is Jesus Christ.  This week I would like to challenge you to share the Good News with a friend, neighbor or co-worker; tell them of your love for God and invite them to Church with you.  Next Sunday, we will have Between the Masses at 10:40am in the Church, please come to listen how our Blessed Mother is our teacher and guide in our mission of evangelization.  


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