November 1, 2015

This antiphon for today’s responsorial psalm offers the focus for today’s readings. As we on earth celebrate the triumph of all the saints—the ones officially canonized by the Church, and the countless others who have also reached heaven—we add nothing to their glory. But we give ourselves reason to hope. We too long to see the face of God and believe that we can one day be counted among those whose robes, as John tells us in the book of Revelation, are washed “white in the blood of the Lamb.”

The passage from John’s First Letter offers further assurance: we are God’s children who will one day see God. But today’s Gospel pulls us past longing and reassurance into action. Jesus clearly tells us what we must do to be counted among the saints. We must be poor in spirit, hungry for holiness, merciful, single-hearted, and peacemakers! Then we too will see the face of God.


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