November 13, 2016

Perhaps. But Malachi explains that only dark, sunless days are in store for those who do not find a place for God in their lives. Conversely, he tells us that the warmth and light of God’s healing justice await those who fear the Lord. That’s a pretty comforting notion—especially now in the already short and growing even shorter days of November. It’s the sun-warmed stone, and then some.

Paul speaks to us of justice as well, but points out that it is not a passive thing. To be treated justly, we need to do our fair share. If we are diligent and persevere we will be rewarded with and by the fruits of our labor. Lastly, Luke, too, tells us to persevere—in faith, this time—and our lives will be secure in God regardless of how we are treated by our enemies.


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