November 6, 2016

But central to it, beyond the horrible deaths inflicted upon the brothers and their mother, is their belief in the promise of resurrection and life everlasting in God.

Paul asks the Thessalonians to pray for him as he spreads Christ’s message of love, so that he might be delivered from other nonbelievers anxious to do him harm. The apostle is confident in such prayer, just as he is confident in the everlasting support of Jesus and God the Father.

And there’s that “everlasting” word again. The Sadducees, not buying the idea, ask Jesus an interesting—albeit meaningless—question about the status of married life at the Resurrection. He tells the non-believers that marriage isn’t an issue for the risen children of God. More importantly, he assures them that their ancestors do live on in God, even as evidenced by the Father’s words to Moses.


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