September 21, 2014

Then Isaiah says God’s ways are as high above our ways “as the heavens are above the earth” (Isaiah 55:9). So we search, not because God is hiding, but because our tendencies are so different from God’s ways that we get lost.

How are God’s ways so high above our ways? The example Isaiah gives is that God’s way is to be “generous in forgiving” (Isaiah 55:7). And our way? We try to be “fair.” You hurt me, so then I hurt you back, just as hard. Then, of course, you . . . . And on it goes.

In today’s Gospel Jesus teaches that God is not “fair” like that. Instead, God is so generous we can hardly understand it. The same wage for one hour as for a whole day of work? Not fair! “Seek the Lord,” and we might find a God who calls us to be, not fair, but generous beyond expectations.


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