September 25, 2016

Citizen Kane, Daddy Warbucks, and King Midas are only a few of the familiar fictional characters who thought enormous wealth could buy happiness and fulfillment. Daddy Warbucks admitted stepping on a few people in his climb to the top. Kane tried to buy the printed word and stardom for his young wife, while King Midas conjured immense wealth and tragedy by his very touch.

We learn clearly in today’s readings that none of this is really possible. True happiness comes from caring for someone other than ourselves. It comes from the pursuit of the virtues Paul described to Timothy: faith, love, gentleness, godliness, righteousness, and endurance. The Gospel reminds us that we dare not ignore the needs of others, acting as though we don’t notice their suffering. God’s call to us is much too clear to disregard for even one more day.


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