September 30, 2018

They saw people who were not of their company casting out demons and doing other works such as Jesus had done. Jesus points out that no one who does a good deed in his name can be opposed to him at the same time. He goes on to point out the importance of the "little ones,": the poor, simple people, children, the meek ones who are not important in the world. It is to them that he was sent, not to the wealthy and the self-righteous. He underscores the importance of small works done in faith, as well as big works like driving out demons. "Anyone who gives you a cup of water . . . because you belong to Christ . . . will surely not lose his reward" (Mark 9:41). God builds the coming reign little by little in our actions, however small and unassuming, when they are done out of love of God and neighbor.


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