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April 2018

Apr 27

April 29, 2018

This shared life finds expression in the image of the one vine and many branches. We become living branches of the vine, members of the Body of Christ through baptism, Eucharist, and confirmation, sacraments of sharing God's own life. The First Letter of John describes the fruit of this vine as active love of neighbor: "And his commandment...
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Apr 19

April 22, 2018

Yet it's no exaggeration to say that humanity owes its life to farmers who care for the world's crops and livestock. This week's scriptures remind us that Jesus was as rejected as a shepherd, a farm boy, yet we owe our very lives to him. In this Sunday's reading from the Acts of the Apostles Peter tells the people that salvation comes through...
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Apr 12

April 15, 2018

Together they explore what it means to believe in Jesus as the Christ, the One who fulfilled the prophecies of the Jewish scriptures.  Today's selections refer to our human weakness, yet they emphasize the forgiveness and peace that are available to those who put their faith in "Jesus Christ the righteous one" (1 John 2:2). In the...
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Apr 5

April 8, 2018

In this Sunday's Gospel reading, taken from the conclusion of John's Gospel, the author tells us that he has chosen to record these events so "that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that through this belief you may have life in his name" (20:31). The letter of John echoes this idea by saying that...
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