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August 2015

Aug 28

August 30, 2015

Without this active memory, the bonds of relationship and affection fray and fall apart. Communities dissolve as surely as neglected buildings do. After participating in events, celebrations, and even small rituals, we remark about how good it is to gather and remember. Today’s readings remind us of foundations laid deeper than the human...
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Aug 20

August 23, 2015

Was their marriage just an arrangement, a deal? Did his wife, after all these years, ever love him? Does she still?We need to know if our loving commitments stick. We need to be reminded and reaffirmed. In the first reading, Joshua, Moses’ successor, needed to know if the people would remain faithful to their covenant with the Lord. Joshua...
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Aug 14

August 16, 2015

She moves smoothly and confidently about her temple‑like home. She doesn’t flutter about, nervous with worry. Wisdom sends her maidens to invite all to her open house. The guests do not possess any particular genius or insight. They need only be a people of good will and common sense. They are summoned to leave behind foolishness and to...
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Aug 6

August 9, 2015

The Russians have a surprisingly bold one that fits this Sunday’s Gospel: “Bread is the beginning of everything.” Judging from the first reading, Elijah might have felt that it was too late for bread—too late for life itself. This great prophet was at the end of his rope and endurance. Then, not one, but two angels visit...
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