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December 2014

Dec 28

December 29, 2008

Surely the best known among these is the first reading from today, from which Luke took inspiration when he recounted the miraculous birth of John the Baptist to Zechariah and Elizabeth, and the more miraculous birth of Jesus to Mary and Joseph. In each instance, we are given examples or role models of those who trusted in God. More than...
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Dec 19

Fourth Sunday of Advent

The mystery of salvation in Christ is not a mystery that is solved, but a reality beyond our comprehension that we must choose to enter into. In the liturgy of the Eastern Church, everyone waits to see if Mary will enter into the mystery: God waits, Adam and Eve and all the souls of the dead who long for paradise wait, angels wait for new...
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Dec 12

Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday)

Isaiah tells us that a prophet is anointed, as we were anointed at our baptism in water and the Spirit, to bring glad tidings and to promote God’s reign of healing, justice, and peace. An apostle, like Paul, is one who is “sent.” Each of us, in his or her own way, is sent by Christ to be a voice of rejoicing, to encourage...
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Dec 5

Second Sunday of Advent

The Israelites were in geographic exile from Israel; to them this was, in effect, the same as being in exile from their God. The early Christians, following the Resurrection, expected an immediate return of Christ in glory; they, too, felt in “exile” as the delay of the Second Coming grew longer and longer. All four of...
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Dec 1

First Sunday of Advent

Though this is technically a parable, it is quite short (four verses). The threefold repetition of “watch” leaves no doubt as to what the story is about. We often think of Advent as a time of waiting, but it truly is a season of watchfulness, a very active form of waiting for the coming Day of the Lord. It is that day, more than...
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