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February 2016

Feb 26

February 28, 2016

They came through a leader, Moses, who was once plucked from the Nile River and was now herding his father-in-law’s sheep in the land of Goshen. The bush that burned but was not consumed shows us that God is inexhaustible mystery. Moses’ awe and deference are mixed with a touching conversational tone as he seeks to learn God’s...
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Feb 18

February 21, 2016

Jesus transfigured on Mount Tabor energizes even the sleepy apostles, who see but cannot get hold of it. They can be forgiven for not apprehending the full meaning of this extraordinary vision of a transfigured Jesus with Elijah and Moses. The whole of the Law and prophets is summed up here on this mountain. The transfiguration on Mount Tabor...
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Feb 12

February 14, 2016

Try a self-serving miracle. Try selling out. Try dazzling the audience; people are gullible, after all. Try all these easy ways. The tempter tries to urge Jesus onto the slippery slope, attempts the old soft-soap, the snake-oil solutions that are always readily at hand. The devil knows better, but is powerless to do better, much less be better....
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Feb 4

February 7, 2016

Isaiah could not say God was “holiest,” so he used the threefold repetition of the same word. This bit of scriptural minutiae about these “three little words” that we sing at every Mass serves as a reminder that answering God’s call has to be grounded in awareness of God’s holiness. In Isaiah and in the Gospel...
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