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February 2017

Feb 23

February 26, 2017

They can easily get caught up with what they’re having for dinner or what they will wear. Often it is a tragedy that helps people to refocus on what is really important. What I shall wear is an irrelevant question when I am facing surgery or chemotherapy. What’s for dinner is immaterial to those living through grief or unemployment....
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Feb 16

February 19, 2017

We might think, “Great in theory, but not always realistic!” Then Jesus in today’s Gospel goes even further. Take a slap in the face and then turn the other cheek? Treat enemies the same as friends? Again, we’re tempted to think that those are nice ideals, but not very practical in the “real world.” Paul...
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Feb 2

February 5, 2017

The words, of course, are based on today’s Gospel, in which we are called as disciples to be salt and light for the world.  Children are uninhibited about sharing their faith. It’s only when we grow older that we prefer to hide our light under a bushel basket because our culture tends not to emphasize discipleship. The message...
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