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January 2015

Jan 30

February 1, 2015

It was much too frightening. Why couldn’t God send human teachers, prophets, instead? God agreed, but with a warning. The people had better listen to those teachers, because they spoke in God’s name. That arrangement, though, had its own problems, for them and for us. How do I know this teacher is truly from God? And if the teacher...
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Jan 23

January 25, 2015

They repent before Jonah makes his way through a third of the city, and God sees “by their actions” how they have turned from evil. Then we hear Paul telling the Corinthians that “the world in its present form is passing away.” He calls for a change of heart. He stops short of telling them to set aside their everyday...
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Jan 16

January 18, 2015

John points to Jesus: “Look,” he says, “there is the Lamb of God.” John’s faith in Jesus is evident, so evident that John’s disciples immediately leave his side to follow this Jesus. The two disciples make their own act of faith. They follow Jesus, spend time with him, and are quick to spread the good news...
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Jan 12

Baptism of the Lord

Landscapers say that this “knits” the sod to the soil. The same when a branch is grafted onto a tree: the poultice that joins them at the splice must be kept wet at all times. Water is the stuff that binds the very cells of our bodies together. No wonder religions throughout all times and cultures have used it so prominently. When...
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Jan 2

Epiphany of the Lord

The apostle Paul today uses the expression “partners in the promise.” This is an uplifting phrase for us to reflect upon, and to think of as our own calling in these days following the birth of the Lord. What is this promise? We can find it in the gifts the magi bring: it is a promise of being a royal priesthood (gold), a holy nation...
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