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July 2014

Jul 25

July 27, 2014

In today’s first reading, Solomon certainly hits the jackpot. What prize could be greater than having God Almighty agree to give you whatever you ask for? Out of all the things he could have asked for, Solomon chose to ask for understanding, and was rewarded with it. We would do well to wonder what we would ask for if God made us the...
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Jul 22

July 20, 2014

Today, after having taught and dismissed the crowds, his disciples follow him home, seeking further explanation of what seem to be, at least to us today, pretty straightforward parables. For both Matthew and Mark, when Jesus is in the house with his disciples it signals a special teaching moment, and it should cause us today to perk up our...
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Jul 14

July 13, 2014

Scientists have recently begun to discuss the idea that the primary force behind all life in the universe is self-gift. This is how everything from galaxies to human babies are born and sustained.If we read the opening of today’s passage from Isaiah correctly, we see that he anticipated twentieth-century scientists by over twenty five...
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Jul 3

July 6, 2014

 Why, we might ask the prophet Zechariah today, would God want to banish chariots and horses?  The answer follows: because they are used to violate God’s reign of peace, along with the warrior’s bow. In the days of Zechariah, chariots and horses were high-priced items used only for war-making. They were the...
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