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July 2015

Jul 31

August 2, 2015

We are workers, volunteers, parents, friends, and most of us are more than one thing at a time. But which of these is the work of God? We seldom view our ordinary work as being the work of God. We may think that we have to be ministers or priests, missionaries or charity workers, engaged full-time in works formally identified as being...
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Jul 24

Jyly 26, 2015

It is built around the most potent biblical numbers: one, three, and seven. The core of it is the word “one” expressed seven times. Three of these describe the church: one body, one Spirit, one hope; the next three are the foundations of the church: one Lord [Jesus], one faith, one baptism. All of these are bound up together in the...
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Jul 17

July 19, 2015

In the first, the apostles return from having been sent out on mission two by two (“one who is sent” is the meaning of “apostle”). Their instructions were to preach repentance, drive out demons, and heal the sick in Jesus’ name. In the second sentence, Jesus tells them to come away with him and rest a while. It...
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Jul 10

July 12, 2015

The prophets had arisen, originally, to act as God’s voice when Israel was no longer led by the spiritual/civil figures known as “judges,” but by monarchs. Over time, the monarchy had appropriated the offices of priest and prophet, established them into companies, and reserved the right to appoint courtly prophets. Then, as...
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Jul 3

July 5, 2015

Jesus, in turn, is amazed that they have no faith in him because they know his origins, not because of any fault with his teaching or ministry. As with many of Mark’s passages, we get a rather intimate glimpse here of the human part of Jesus’ two‑fold nature. To reinforce his point, Mark tells of Jesus’ return to his native...
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