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June 2015

Jun 26

June 28, 2015

Illness and death entered the world through the presence of evil, the Wisdom author tells us. Mark’s stories of Jesus healing a hemorrhaging woman and resuscitating a dead little girl make it clear that Jesus is from God. As the Son of God he does not will that anyone suffer illness or death. In the face of such power, the second reading,...
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Jun 19

June 21, 2015

People who know Lake Superior respect its power and watch out for its many moods. Sunken ships and boats crushed into kindling are testimonies to what the lake can do. The readings of this Sunday evoke our memories of the lake, of the mighty Mississippi River, or of the ocean itself. Who but God can control these mighty waters and set limits to...
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Jun 12

June 14, 2015

So in the second paraable of today’s Gospel, Jesus encourages us by promising that, as fragile seeds grow into an abundant harvest, and the tiny mustard seed into a hearty plant, so God will grow the kingdom from small beginnings to an instrument of salvation for all. In the first parable, the land yields fruit “of its own...
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Jun 5

June 7, 2015

The Thanksgiving we celebrate in the autumn is at times marked by a sort of proud societal self‑congratulation and the consumption of food until we sink into an inert stupor. The “thanksgiving” that we call our Eucharist is just the opposite: we are led to it by an acknowledgment of our own failings; we remember our humble place in...
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