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June 2017

Jun 27

July 2, 2017

An embarrassment of riches? Not if we take Jesus' words about "welcome" to heart. The many challenges and blessings offered to us today by Elisha, Paul, and Jesus should be cause for rejoicing, and welcomed heartily into our lives. And, like the great treat that they are, they should be enjoyed and shared generously with others....
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Jun 22

June 25, 2017

 That is the question addressed by today's scriptures. We hear of the suffering of Jeremiah and the psalmist. We hear of the death that "reigned from Adam to Moses" (Romans 5:14). We hear of the fears of the Twelve as Jesus sends them out into the world to preach and heal. Through all this tribulation one message rings out loud...
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Jun 8

June 11, 2017

No religion asserts that it has found words to name fully the ineffable mystery of God, for no matter what name we use, God always transcends our limited ability to understand. God is a mystery to be believed, not known. And yet, we Christians believe that our name for God best expresses that inexpressible mystery: God is the Most Holy Trinity...
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Jun 1

June 4, 2017

This week we hear that, while praying in that room, the Holy Spirit comes upon them. Jesus’ post-Resurrection promise, recounted in today’s Gospel, is fulfilled: the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon Jesus’ followers. Saint Paul tells us that all of us, in some way, are given gifts of the Holy Spirit, gifts that can be used...
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