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March 2015

Mar 27

March 29, 2015

There are so many levels on which to understand the events of the Passion. The woman who anoints Jesus acts prophetically in a way that the other disciples do not yet grasp. Anointing is for priests, prophets, and kings, and also for the preparation of the dead. It is for healing and for holiness. Her action acknowledges the imminent events of...
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Mar 20

March 22, 2015

For the Jewish people, there was only one covenant, the one made between the Lord God and Israel through Moses at Mount Sinai. For Jeremiah to suggest that God would somehow supersede the covenant with a new one would have sounded audacious to Jewish ears. But in this way he is a predecessor of Jesus who, in the Gospel of John, is continually...
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Mar 13

March 15, 2015

But, as Jesus was speaking on a deeper level, so does today’s first reading. In the first paragraph we hear that Israel had, in effect, “fallen” already through its infidelity to the covenant. Lest we get too cozy, this account reminds us that God, though just, loving, and merciful, is capable of punishing sin when that sin is...
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Mar 5

March 8, 2015

would likely get it wrong, because the answer is “no.” “The Ten Commandments” is a post‑biblical, phrase that developed along with an image of God as police officer that is not found in today’s passage from Exodus. The first phrase is the key: God is the one who brings us out of slavery; following God’s law...
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