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March 2016

Mar 31

April 3, 2016

They offer stories “recorded to help you believe,” as the passage from John’s Gospel (20:31) remarks today. There is an urgency about this. On this Second Sunday of Easter we are challenged to join the company of believers—countless men and women who witnessed the power of the apostles’ faith. There is no doubt...
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Mar 23

March 27, 2016

Listen carefully and you will be drawn into the stories yourself. Peter reports the good works Jesus did, his death on the cross, and his resurrection. The passage from John’s Gospel has us running to the empty tomb with Peter and John and peering inside to see the cloths used to cover Jesus’ body. Psalm 118 sums up our response:...
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Mar 17

March 20, 2016

The deeply passionate person in the Gospel narrative from Luke is Jesus. He appears passive, but he is not. He is wholly self-possessed and wholly present for the one day that begins on Thursday evening at his last meal with his apostles and ends with his burial before sunset the next day. Then follows the long Sabbath silence. The narrative of...
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Mar 10

March 13, 2016

The power of Paul’s testimony that everything is junk but knowledge of Jesus and the power of his resurrection is a straight enough message. And, God knows, Paul had a crooked journey before his blinding insight straight from God. Through Isaiah, God reminds us all that the past great works were as nothing compared to the new creation....
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Mar 3

March 6, 2016

We can identify with all the major figures and their crisscross of emotions. The father’s initial grief over his young son’s avarice is turned to relief at his return. The son’s grief over his loss of fortune, family, and friends is turned to delirious joy at the sight of his father. We understand the eldest son’s...
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