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November 2014

Nov 21

The Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Without guidance and care, especially in a climate like Israel’s, they would die quickly from predators, starvation, or just their own slowness. The scriptural image of us as the Lord’s flock is not terribly flattering to us, since it is only the never-ending diligence of a watchful shepherd that allows the flock to survive. The...
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Nov 15

Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Therefore, to devote time or attention to anything else was foolish. As time progressed, this fervor receded a bit. Today we may wonder, when we hear these readings about the coming end-times, if we should take them to heart. What should we do when we hear that the day of the Lord will come upon us “like a thief at night”? (1...
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Nov 7

The Dedication of The Lateran Basilica

Ezekiel speaks of streams of living water flowing out from the temple, watering the desert, bringing life to all living things, offering fresh healing to God’s people. Paul reminds the Corinthians that their faith rests upon the firmest of foundations, Christ himself. More than that, Paul reveals that those who follow Christ are...
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