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November 2016

Nov 22

November 27, 2016

At this time of year much of our attention is focused on being prepared for the details that accompany the holiday season. We purchase gifts; we decorate our homes, inside and out; we prepare foods that we eat only during the holidays; we write and send Christmas cards; we attend holiday concerts; we prepare either to welcome family and friends...
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Nov 18

November 20, 2016

It was the elders of Israel who declared David king that day, but it was God who called David to shepherd Israel. Thus mandated by the citizens of his kingdom and by his God, David took his place in a long line of kings. The apostle Paul speaks to us of kingship as well, but on a much higher plane: the kingship of Jesus our Lord. As great as...
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Nov 11

November 13, 2016

Perhaps. But Malachi explains that only dark, sunless days are in store for those who do not find a place for God in their lives. Conversely, he tells us that the warmth and light of God’s healing justice await those who fear the Lord. That’s a pretty comforting notion—especially now in the already short and growing even...
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Nov 3

November 6, 2016

But central to it, beyond the horrible deaths inflicted upon the brothers and their mother, is their belief in the promise of resurrection and life everlasting in God. Paul asks the Thessalonians to pray for him as he spreads Christ’s message of love, so that he might be delivered from other nonbelievers anxious to do him harm. The...
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