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October 2015

Oct 30

November 1, 2015

This antiphon for today’s responsorial psalm offers the focus for today’s readings. As we on earth celebrate the triumph of all the saints—the ones officially canonized by the Church, and the countless others who have also reached heaven—we add nothing to their glory. But we give ourselves reason to hope. We too long to...
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Oct 23

October 25, 2015

But one day Jesus passed nearby. Bartimaeus jumped up and called out to Jesus. We can imagine him turning toward the direction of the commotion and noise. Bartimaeus probably had his arms outstretched as he shouted out to the son of David. The people who knew him were embarrassed by his outburst. They tried to hush him up and get him to sit...
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Oct 16

October 18, 2015

From the prophetic event of Isaiah to Jesus’ understanding of the human condition in Hebrews, concluding with Jesus paying our ransom in Mark, God is in control. There may be failings and misunderstandings along the way. We may move away from God, but at our conversion, God leads us back. Like James and John, we may let greed and power...
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Oct 9

October 11, 2015

We may convince ourselves that it is the poor who are favored. In today’s readings, we discover that material wealth alone does not keep us from discipleship. We will see that there are other gifts more important than material wealth, but even so, it is how we use our gifts that matters most. Today’s scriptures point to the value of...
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Oct 1

October 4, 2015

Much of scripture shows us how to do this as it illustrates and clarifies God’s plans. The readings this weekend guide us in the value and care of our relationships. Specifically, the Gospel focuses on the circumstances of failed relationships. Unlike the Pharisees, we would do well not to focus on the laws that pertain to failed...
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