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October 2016

Oct 27

October 30, 2016

What a wonderful thought, and what a wonderful image to keep in front of us as we travel down life’s road. For if the path is revealed in the treading, it’s good to know that God is with us—and all around us—every step of the way. But Paul knows that this divine presence is not timid. Instead, God calls out to us, and...
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Oct 19

October 23, 2016

While our “Christian” minds tell us to be sorry and even pray for the person, a little voice inside our heads may also be saying, “I’m glad I would never do anything like that.”  And perhaps we wouldn’t. But are there some things we do that are still not pleasing in God’s eyes? Today’s...
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Oct 13

October 16, 2016

Certainly the idea of “getting by with a little help from God” goes back at least to the first reading today from Exodus. How we get that help, however, is the key to this weekend’s scriptures. No matter how inadequate Moses felt to the task God had given him, he persevered—even though he needed help from the people...
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Oct 6

October 2, 2016

Maybe it was the day a very special person asked us to the senior prom, or perhaps it was our wedding day. Maybe it was the day we learned that we were expecting a long-awaited child, or the day we got an overdue promotion. There was elation in our hearts and lightness in our step, an extraordinary vitality throughout the day. We probably got on...
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