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September 2014

Sep 27

September 28, 2014

Spiritual teachers tend to repeat themselves, and to repeat other teachers. Maybe there really aren’t that many different truths to tell. Just a lot of slow, sleepy human beings—like us—who need to hear the basics over and over. Consider today’s readings. People complain that God isn’t “fair,” and...
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Sep 21

September 21, 2014

Then Isaiah says God’s ways are as high above our ways “as the heavens are above the earth” (Isaiah 55:9). So we search, not because God is hiding, but because our tendencies are so different from God’s ways that we get lost. How are God’s ways so high above our ways? The example Isaiah gives is that God’s...
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Sep 12

September 14, 2014

Then Jesus says, “So must the Son of Man be lifted up, that all who believe may have eternal life in him.” The evangelist clearly saw this “lifting up” of Jesus to mean his crucifixion. That “lifting up” of the serpent by Moses is described in today’s first reading. The people were attacked by...
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Sep 7

September 7, 2014

So we understand that fraternal correction is always undertaken in the presence of Jesus Christ.  Likewise, encouraging the good in others is not only the right thing for us to do, it is a necessity. The Lord tells the prophet Ezekiel that if he does not speak out to dissuade a person from evil, then he too will be held responsible. We...
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