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September 2015

Sep 24

September 27, 2015

We think it is surely fine when God is prodigal with us—rich in mercy and forgiveness, generous in grace. But what about the other—the enemy, the sinner, the heretic, the outsider? Well, we expect God to be as stingy with that person as we are. Moses and Joshua wanted such a cozy world, too. They wondered how the spirit of God could...
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Sep 18

September 20, 2015

This journey is easier sung about than done. It takes humility and time to recover a second innocence. Titles, positions of honor, money, and power are not  requirements of the kingdom of God. Jesus says and demonstrates in today’s Gospel that members of God’s kingdom must hold in their embrace the most inconsequential of...
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Sep 11

September 13, 2015

These are heady and invigorating times. The first reading and the Gospel proclamation today are intimate glimpses of a commencement, an inauguration of a challenging future. In both readings, a sense of gravity prevails. The first reading is from the mysterious Servant Songs from the book of Isaiah. The person is steadfast and brave. His...
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Sep 4

September 6, 2015

It seems that every day the news media have yet more bad news to tell: wars, disease, terrorism, drought, social unrest, and more. Some people have stopped using clock radios to wake up in the morning, preferring a jarring buzzer to the even more jarring morning news. What more do we need before we realize that we are finite creatures, and while...
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